Crown of thorns (Corona Acus)

September 12, 2021

Idea for this web site has been hibernating or should I say germinating for over five years.

At one point (2015) I asked Yi Jing about the future of this web site and the hexagram I got was "Before Completion" which is the last, the 64th hexagram in the traditional sequence of Yi Jing hexagrams.

This hexagram sent a message that the time we lived in in 2015 was and still is the time of great change (the end time and the beginning time) - one cycle has finished and a new phase in the history of the world is beginning.

The time for this website has arrived.

Now, five years later it is clear that a very powerful force behind the curtain is trying to usher a new age of human slavery, all pervasive tyranny with no personal freedoms whatsoever.

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